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All about the Food Porn Awards

Cooked: 25.07.18

An awards ceremony from inception, open for all professional cooks, caterers, and chefs in the North.

The Food Porn Awards™ are curated by Shoot the Moon, a creative agency in Manchester with a love of food, on a mission to find the best-looking dish of the North.

The Food Porn Awards have evolved to become a hub for chefs and hospitality news in the North. Managed by a team of foodie fans at Shoot the Moon, from designing and building the website, creating all the visual content with photography and video, to social media management.

Run purely on mutual PR, the past three years of the awards have been hugely successful and showcased the wide range of talent in the North. Evolving each year, we’re thrilled to launch the Food Porn Awards news site, for the hospitality community.

Shoot The Moon MD – Phil Marshall

Free to enter, the Food Porn Awards are based solely on mutual publicity for the region’s food community. With wide regional press coverage, an expansive social reach, publicity through the awards ceremony and wide distribution of video content & beautiful food photography, there’s every reason to be involved.

Food Porn Awards at the NRB show
Food Porn Awards at the NRB show

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