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A Real Junk Food initiative

Cooked: 30.07.18

New catering initiative from the Junk Food Project…

The Real Junk Food Project Manchester is to open the North’s first waste food catering business.

Currently serving customers at their pop-up location on Oxford Road, they will move to larger premises in September 2018 for the new catering initiative.

A Real Junk Food Initiative


The new catering business will use food that would otherwise go to waste to provide catering and meals, maintaining their ethos of being a non-for-profit operation.

The project will also supply meals to vulnerable people across the city through partnerships with local charity and public-sector groups. The project will be sited in a large commercial kitchen, and is part of a new partnership with a local social housing provider.

In Sep 2017 RJFM opened the UK’s first waste food pay-as-you-feel restaurant on Oxford St in Mcr city-centre. The project was initially set up as a short-term pop-up, but due to its massive popularity has been open for nearly a year, and has doubled the size of its operation over that time.

This new venture will allow Real Junk Food Manchester to intercept, process and use more food that would otherwise go to waste, further lowering our city’s carbon footprint. The move is also prompted by the organisation’s wish to offer more structured and significant volunteering and back to work support to a range of people. They won’t be leaving Manchester without its waste food eatery for too long, with more plans for expansion in the pipeline.

Visit the Real Junk Food Project on Oxford Road before it closes and help to #feedbelliesnotbins

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