Ban di Bul invites diners to cook their own food

Cooked: 17.12.18

The new Korean restaurant in Liverpool

The new Korean restaurant on Bold Street in Liverpool is offering diners the opportunity to cook their own meals in the style of a Korean barbecue and hotpot. With tables that have an in-built stove in the middle, customers can now experience the traditional method of Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese cooking.

Ban di Bul

After eight years, Ban di Bul expands its already successful Manchester based restaurant to Liverpool and will be the first restaurant in the city to offer the concept.

Ban Di Bul offers a variety of traditional Korean dishes which they describe as ‘healthy and full of heritage’ including Banchan, on-table barbecues, hotpot, soups, noodle and rice dishes.

Banchan is a collective name for small side dishes that are served along cooked rice and includes Kimchi Pancakes, Stir Fried Chicken Gizzard, Fried Bean Curd and Raw Beef Strips with Egg Yolk & Sliced Pear.

Hotpots are served for a minimum of two people with combinations of Beef with Noodle & Bean Curd, Ham with Kimchi Mixed Meat & Bean Curd and Beef with Octopus.

Ban di Bul

The barbeque menu is extensive. The restaurant recommends the popular combination of Fresh Lettuce, Sweet & Sour Spring Onion, Sliced & Marinated Beef and Sliced Pork Belly with Pepper and Sesame Sauce. Additional options include Beef Ribs with Sweet & Tasty Sauce, Sliced Rib Eye Steak with Pepper & Sesame Sauce, Ox Tongue and an assortment of seafood; Prawn, Squid, Scallop and Mussels.

Ban di Bul

With all of these options, it makes it the perfect venue to visit with a group of friends looking for a memorable food experience in Manchester and Liverpool.

You can reserve a table online here and check them out on social media;

Facebook: @Bandibul korean restaurant


Instagram: @bandibulmcr

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