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Cadbury’s Creme Eggs… with a twist

Cooked: 18.04.19

A deep-fried Cadbury’s crème egg & a pizza topped with crème eggs? Who would have thought it!


Cadbury’s crème eggs are arguably one of the best Easter eggs around. Filled with a gooey fondant, they taste oh so incredible. When we heard about Yard and Coop bringing deep fried crème eggs to the menu and The Old George Pub serving a crème egg pizza… we just had to share!


Yard and Coop





When sweet meets savoury. Well-known fried chicken joint Yard and Coop has smashed it yet again this Easter, with their deep-fried crème eggs. The crème eggs are covered in batter and deep fried until it’s covered in a crispy shell. Expect one big gooey explosion when you bite in to it! They’re available for a limited time only (until 22nd April) for £3.


You can find Yard and Coop in Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.


The Old George Pub

The Old George Pub pizza 

This amazing concoction is definitely not for those watching their calorie intake! If you like pizza and also have a sweet tooth, then this is the pizza for you.


Newcastle based pub, The Old George, is serving up a pizza with a chocolate base topped with crème eggs, mini eggs and marshmallows. It’s like two meals in one!


The pizza is available for a limited time only for £10.25.


Happy Easter!

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