Eating with your hands at Mama Z x Öl Boodle Fight

Cooked: 28.11.18

On Thursday 29th November there’s an opportunity to get really stuck in to Filipino culture and most importantly, food! Mama Z (@cookingwithmamaz) is hosting a traditional Filipino feast in a Boodle Fight – where you will eat with your hands! The evening is hosted at Öl Nano Brewery and Bar for a unique and fun dining experience.

A ‘boodle fight’, in Filipino culture is the military practice of eating a meal with your hands. This style of eating comes from the traditions of Filipino soldiers eating together in food halls, tables lined together, covered with banana leaves and eating with your hands to show equality and brotherhood. The “fight” refers to the grabbing and eating as much of the food as you can, especially when you are hungry soldiers.

Eating with your hands is the most natural way of eating and some say food tastes even better without cutlery. What kind of food would you expect to eat at a Boodle fight? Think mountains of rice, noodles, grilled fish, meat, vegetables, sauces and more… Sound sensational? Then this is the event for you!
Mama Z’s Boodle Fight will be a great way to taste a little bit of everything and experience how Filipinos love to eat. It will be a fun social gathering, celebrating delicious food, craft beers and life.

Rice (VE)
Pancit Bihon (VE) (Vegetarian stir fried noodles)
Grilled Bangus w/Suka (Marinated grilled Milk fish with spicy vinegar dipping sauce)
Chicken Inasal (Chicken leg/thigh marinated in Banana Ketchup and grilled)
Talong Salad w/Soy and lime dressing (VE) (Roasted Aubergines with Spicy Garlic, Soy and Lime dressing)
Cucumber and Tomato Salad (VE)
Laing (VE) (Slow cooked Spinach in Lemongrass and Coconut milk)

Lime and Lemongrass Polenta Cake w/Pandan Custard (V) (GF)

Tickets are £26.79 which includes a welcome drink from Öl plus as much food as you can grab! The evening starts at 19:30 and promises to be a Filipino feast to remember! If you want to get stuck in, literally – book your tickets here.

*Due to the nature of this style of eating and menu, this event may not be suitable for anyone with any serious allergies or food preferences. There will be Veggie/Vegan options available, but these will be laid on the table amongst the fish and meat options – as this is how it would be done at an event in the Philippines.

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