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Food Porn Awards: how we eat with our eyes

Cooked: 05.04.19


A picture is worth a thousand… bites?

The Food Porn Awards is a quest for the best-looking dish in the North. With a focus on imagery and the influence aesthetics has when it comes to making a decision about where to eat.

Since the inception of the awards four years ago, the awards has received over 2,000 entries and has 8,000 (and counting!) followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The 2020 Food Porn Awards will take place but with a new structure and entry format. More details will be announced very soon, so watch this space!

What is Food Porn?

Food Porn is a term that has had a huge influence on the culinary scene and has become synonymous with images of food on our social feeds.

The online community has grown to see the hashtag #foodporn feature over 183.7 million times on Instagram. With related hashtags such as #instafood and #Cheflife being just as popular, restaurants are one of the most engaging industries on social media.

Imagery of food has become an intrinsic part of our social media feeds. The money shots are those that capture that falling caramel drizzle, the steam rising from a freshly baked slice of indulgent chocolate cake and the classic close-up of melted cheese. It’s the kind of food that makes you want to lick the plate clean.

Experts say that these delicious images are able to whet our appetites from our devices in a way that is almost obsessive, with 18-35 year olds spending the equivalent of 5 days a year browsing food pictures on Instagram alone.

The hospitality industry can use this to their advantage and many have reaped the rewards from promoting their menus with high-quality images of irresistible dishes. The visual perspective is only one element and we automatically fill in the blanks of what we think it will taste like, explaining why 30% of millennials would shun a restaurant for having a weak Instagram presence.

The Food Porn Awards promotes the Urban Dictionary definition of food porn as ‘Close-up images of juicy, delicious food in advertisements’ and shown used in context, Oh, that McDonalds ad was like food porn. I want a Big Mac sooo bad.

Food Porn Awards 2020

Details for the Food Porn Awards 2020 will be announced very soon! The winners of 2019 have been announced, to see who were crowned the winners click here.

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