Kanassa Kitchen @ Ancoats Supper Club

Cooked: 02.01.19

A night of Colombian-inspired small plates


On Wednesday 16th Jan, Ancoats Coffee Co are hosting Supper Club where Kanassa Kitchen will be cooking up a storm. Kanassa Kitchen specialise in Colombian street food with an authentic twist, as everything is ethically sourced and made from scratch. Combining only high-quality ingredients and family recipes, this supper club promises to be a truly fiery taste sensation.

Kanassa Kitchen

If you’re doing a January health kick, looking to explore more world cuisines or just a foodie fanatic, you are not going to want to miss this. The plant-based menu for the evening is below and sounds like a real treat for a mid-week feast:



Crispy Tofu Skins with Maldon Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, served with ‘Aji Colombiana’, a spicy tomato salsa, and a shot of ‘Aguardiente’, Sugar Cane White Rum flavoured with Anise.



A creamy & warming Corn Soup from Bogota, served with Chilli Salted Popcorn & Coriander Chimichurri.



Charred Avocado with Lemon & Parsley Yogurt, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds ‘Gremolata’, Micro Basil & a drizzle of Garlic Oil.



Masa Parcels steamed in Corn Husks and filled with Honey Roasted Heritage Carrots, Fennel & Caraway Seeds, served with Vegan Feta, Tomato, Orange and Pomegranate Salsa, Crispy Fennel and Pistachio Crumb.



Shortbread Biscuit topped with ‘Dulce de Leche’, an indulgent sauce native to South America made from Sweetened Milk infused with Cinnamon Sticks. Served with Toasted Coconut, Salted Limes & Fresh Mint.

Kanassa Kitchen

And if you still need more convincing (which is unlikely), check out their Instagram @kanassakitchen as there is a serious case of food porn going on.

The evening begins at 7pm and you will stuff your faces until 10pm. To reserve your place, click here to make a £5 deposit and then tickets are £25 which is paid on the evening. Even better news is that it’s Bring Your Own Booze and just a small corkage fee will be charged.

Don’t let January blues get to you, instead get out and indulge in some awesome Colombian street food! YUM.

Kanassa Kitchen

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