Peruvian & Pisco Tasting in Manchester

Cooked: 01.11.18

Fancy a Peruvian night by Mama Pacha?

Peruvian pop up, Mama Pacha, has opened in Sandinista Manchester. To celebrate their arrival, they are hosting a Pisco Cocktail and Peruvian Food event on Thursday 15th November.

Peru night Manchester

Mama Pacha set out to bring a little taster of the cuisine and culture of the South American country right into the centre of the city. “Mama Pacha” is a local name for the Earth Goddess who presides over planting and harvest, a bit like Mother Nature over here.

On the evening you are guaranteed to experience a real taste of Peru. An exclusive menu has been created for the event and each course has been perfectly matched to the corresponding cocktails below.

  • You will be welcomed with ‘The Barsol Spritz’ and Cancha, a perfect little nibble to get your evening started.
  • Your first dish will be wild seabass ceviche, with a flavour combination of Peruvian Limo chilli, ginger and Chulpi corn. The ceviche dish is a part of Peru’s national heritage, so it’s a definite winner on the menu!
  • Next up is a traditional Peruvian prawn chowder with rice, feta and quail eggs to devour with a ‘Chicha Flip.’
  • To match your ‘Captain, my Captain’ cocktail, enjoy the Anticuco de Carne which is a flambee spicy steak skewer with Huacatay chilli sauce.
  • If you are still hungry, you will finish the evening off with ‘The Mountain Espresso’ and caramel filled biscuits. Delightful.

Peru night Manchester

In true Peruvian style, Mama Pacha have teamed up with Barsol Pisco, the national spirit of Peru. Barol Pisco representatives will be guiding you through the spirit’s origin and serving you these amazing exotic cocktails…

  • The Barsol Spritz: Barsol Selecta Italia, Cocchi Americano and ginger ale.
  • The Travelling Sour: Barsol Pisco Quebranta, peach liqueur, aquafaba and frozen raspberry powder.
  • Chicha Flip: Barsol Selecta Acholado, banana liqueur and cinnamon.
  • Captain, my Captain: Barsol Selecta Torontel, jasmine infused Cocchi rosa and orange blossom.
  • The Mountain Espresso: Barsol perfecto amor, manzanilla sherry, cold drip coffee and nut bitters.

Peru night Manchester

The evening starts at 19:00 – 22:00 and for 5 courses and cocktails it’s only £30 per person. There is also a vegetarian menu on offer for the event as well. To make your booking, contact This is not a night to miss out on!

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