Stephensons create a buzz with their new eco-straw   

Cooked: 06.12.18

There’s understandably been a bee in the bonnet of eco-warriors about single-use plastic straws in bars and restaurants.

Partnering with GMCA, Stephensons has created a new sustainable paper straw with the aim of reducing plastic waste in the city’s hospitality industry.

Bee straw Stephensons

The fully recyclable and FSC certified straw is emblazoned with the iconic Manchester Bee, a symbol of the city’s resilience and work ethic.

The bee straw is available exclusively from Stephensons, but only for companies that have signed up to the ‘Plastic-free GM Pledge.’

The concept of the plastic pledge was introduced during the GMCA’s Green Summit in March 2018 by Mayor Andy Burnham. Since its launch, over 70 establishments including The Lowry, The Hilton, Dough and Grafene have signed the pledge and committed to working towards a greener Manchester.

Bee straw Stephensons

The straw is just one item in the environmentally-friendly collection, with further alternative options available from Stephensons at a discounted price for pledgers.

For each box of bee straws sold, a donation will be made to the Manchester Emergency Fund, a charity created to support those affected by the attack at the Manchester Arena in 2017.

Interested in becoming a pledger? Sign it here.

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