Food Porn
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Submission guidelines

The term Food Porn is synonymous with the emotional journey we go on before we bite, chew, swill and swallow. So contrary to what the name might suggest, we’re not looking for any phallic ensembles or innuendo creations, just beautiful images of great looking food. It’s free to enter the Food Porn Awards™ and entrants can enter more than one image category. No professional marketing shots though, just an image that you have taken with your phone or camera. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions.

Deadlines & important dates

Online entry opens on Wednesday June 14th 2017 and will run until midnight on Wednesday 18th October 2017. We will then select a shortlist of 30 dishes from each of the two categories. The shortlisted dishes will be put to an online public vote between 6th November and 18th December, in order to determine our 12 finalists. All finalists will receive a visit from the Food Porn team where you will be asked to re-create your chosen dish so it can be shot professionally by STM Photography. Overall winners from each category will be chosen by our panel of judges and will be announced at the Food Porn Awards™ exhibition, which will be held at the Northern Restaurant and Bar Show 2018.


The Food Porn Awards™ is open to chefs and proprietors of food establishments throughout the North of England. The food in the image must be prepared by the entrant. No commercial images taken by a professional photographer/styled will be accepted and dishes must appear as they were cooked not retouched.

Judging process

Our judges have been carefully selected from a range of professional backgrounds to ensure fairness throughout the competition. The images created by STM Photography will be reviewed and the winners will be announced at the Food Porn Awards™ exhibition. The judges’ decision is final.


The Food Porn Awards™ is divided into categories to ensure establishments of every size, shape and style can enter. Entrants can enter multiple categories and more than one image per category, but the entry must be relevant.